Convenient health for busy professionals. “If you take time to be sick, you can take time to prevent sickness.”

Wellness Wagons address at-risk individuals who are serious about reducing their risks. Here you can offer assistance with health and wellness issues all neatly placed in a “wagon” or table set up, manned by a health professional to answer health questions, make referrals, test blood pressure and dispense information.

What: Create multi‐step educational programs to promote change in individuals’ diet, fitness, stress,
smoking habits, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes control (etc.) and overall wellness.

Focus: Cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure management, weight management, Smoking cessation, healthier eating, exercise, sun health, safety, COPD, stress reduction, back and foot health, pregnancy and aging.

Materials: Information packets, educational materials, intranet newsletters, insurance plan benefits, journals, incentives and virtual trips.

Incentives: Healthy Points reward small accomplishments, helping to nurture new health and wellness behaviors by celebrating steps along the way.

Where: Establish an on‐site kiosk (I.E. Wellness Wagon, “Lemonade Stand” for on-site health coaching), all at the convenience of your employees.

When: Weekly/monthly/quarterly wellness series designed to motivate and inspire healthier choices while measuring progress and improvement.

How: Using healthy rewards as positive incentives for achieving goals. It is fun as well as beneficial. Measuring realistic goals leads to targeting success and knowing when it is accomplished. Once a small goal is achieved, the next goal may be a little bit more difficult. One will feel successful after reaching each short‐term goal and gradually progressing forward toward fulfilling the long‐term

Who: Staffed by health professionals from all areas—Registered Dieticians, nurses, health educators,
exercise physiologists, teachers, doctors, pharmacists, etc. This is an opportunity to speak with a
professional to assist in setting challenging, yet realistic goals. Often the “plan” is similar whether to
reduce cholesterol, lose weight or control diabetes. Knowing which choices to make and having a
source to go to when assistance is needed helps to keep on track.

Health & Wellness has many components. We would be pleased to work with you to help educate and encourage your employees toward healthier lifestyle choices. “Motivation is both an art and a science. What strongly motivates one person may not motivate the next person at all. Whenever you are motivating and rewarding groups of people, the goal is to motivate each individual even though the same incentive program is offered to the entire group. The way to do this is to offer the right choice of rewards.”