What does a typical health fair look like? Our Health Fairs generally are set up in a perimeter model with a series of health “booths” (i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, etc.) with counseling at each station and coaching at the last stop.

Can Heart Screen coordinate the same program at all of our locations? Heart Screen can conduct the same program at any of you locations and generate, at no charge, an aggregate report for each location and a company-wide report combining all locations.

Is there a minimum number of attendees? Heart Screen will accommodate locations as small as 10 individuals or as large as a 1,000.

Can my company do only one screening or do we have to sign up for an entire program? Heart Screen can conduct a single event or multiple events at your Health Fairs, whatever is in your budget or plan.

What are biometrics? Our biometric testing includes the basics: Cholesterol, Glucose, BMI, Height, Weight, Hip and Waist Measurements. Counseling is always included.

What about coaching? Individuals are always counseled at each screening booth. We practice SCORE Counseling: Screening + Counseling + Referrals + Education.

How does a program that sounds like it costs a lot end up saving money? Our programs have reduced risk factors in participating individuals, which ultimately brings down individual claims which adds up to overall health care savings.

How do we start the process, get ideas, etc? Just call us at 631.842.1122 or send us an Email.