Understanding the economics of wellness and prevention is a key component of running a successful wellness program.  Heart Screen is here to assist and demonstrate the case for wellness to your clients with our successful, affordable healthy menu choices and supportive programs and materials.

Core programs include: Blood pressure, Cholesterol (TC, HDL, or Lipids) Glucose, height & weight, Hip/waist ratio and BMI. PSA, TSH (Thyroid) and Lung function round out the event and get a very clear picture of group health status.

Health management begins with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your population. A powerful general assessment gathers essential biometric data using state-of-the-art assessment technology gathered from screenings and a questionnaire to understand health risks facing your organization and to help workers recognize their own health issues. Personal and aggregate reports are available.

By carefully leveraging your data and satisfying your population, you can target your programs toward those risk groups most likely to change and maximize the impact of your intervention dollars.

By Identifying specific candidates for maximum intervention we can determine health improvement opportunities while targeting specific audiences by risk and interest.

Educate employees about healthy lifestyles, their impact on health care costs, and resources available to them. Newsletters, planned activities (walking clubs), workshops. A variety of media to bolster aware­ness (i.e. newsletters, bulletin boards, e-mail), and other efforts that support healthful culture change.


  • Regular preventive re-screenings, such as cholesterol, body fat, blood glucose, or blood pressure checks. If not offered onsite, provide the flexibility necessary for employees to visit their doctor.
  • Targeted risk reduction programs (i.e. weight management, smoking cessation, prenatal care, stress management, physical activity programs).
  • One-on-one health coaching: personal, by telephone, or on line
  • Disease management programs targeting chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Program participation can make or break your wellness program. What you offer for motivation, incentives and rewards can greatly increase the participation level of your programs. We will assist you in creating an incentive-based pro­gram (gifts, cash, reduced premiums, etc.) to encourage positive health changes (e.g., physical activity, weight loss, smoking cessation, lower wellness scores), especially to those not likely to participate in wellness/fitness. We will encourage you to offer employees a place to practice healthy living and create excitement for our programs.

Compare and Track
Permanent lifestyle change is the goal of any wellness program. With periodic testing, individuals can receive a report tracking their progress and monitor changes in eating practices, blood pressure, cholesterol level, BMI, physical activity, etc.

The group report provides key data on all participants such as the number of participants and the percentage breakdown of health risk within each category. It illustrates the impact of your wellness efforts by showing change and improvements from previous testing to understand impact and justify ROI.

It is important to examine health results, participation and awareness—not just economic benefits. Small step challenges lead to long-term success.