Let’s work together to make 2014 the healthiest year ever.

The road to a healthier lifestyle begins by addressing one habit at a time. Screening programs, Health Fairs and wellness activities are effective ways to identify risks and behaviors that need modifications. Opportunities are here to educate individuals  by focusing monthly events and newsletters as encouragements.

Heart Screen’s 2014 plan challenges individuals to add a new habit each month. By the end of the year, the accumulated effect will be  healthier families and healthier employees. Contact Heart Screen for a sample planning flyer that you can share with your employees and colleagues.

There is a huge impact dealing with changes one step at a time. Helping employees find the right resources  helps stressed-out employees not only deal with their individual health issues, but also encourages greater self management.

Heart Screen continues to be committed to developing and promoting exceptional workplace health and wellness programs to achieve health objectives. We connect with you to establish pro-active solutions that will give you the desired results.